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August 12, 2012

Let’s go ahead and blame the humidity for my lack of blogging. Or the fact it is summer and everyone deserves a break.

Regardless – I have had a wonderful few weeks (that I will be recounting over the coming weeks) – as represented in the following:

Spending a glorious 10 days with Monica in Scotland – uh-mazing.

Seeing Kate, William and THE QUEEN.



Got a new brother-in-law

Disney World for the win

…and much more.

It’s been a summer and it isn’t even over. Which makes me think of one of middle school faves:

T TIme

June 12, 2012

Here’s to hoping Ben Howard – who is playing at T in the Park – covers this GEM in t-minus three weeks. Would make. My. Life.

seattle wedding weekend

June 3, 2012

Last weekend – I had the absolute PLEASURE to fly to Seattle for weddings, friendship and fun. It was awesome for the following reasons:

1. Caitlin is / was a gorgeous bride and threw an amazing wedding. I can only wish her the best of luck for her marriage and future – but I know she is in for a fantastic life of love. That alone is a wonderful thing to witness.

2. Stephanie is one of my all-time favorite people, and our friendship weekend was uh-mazing. We’ve known each other since we were wee little elementary school girls (and I demandingly told her to hold on moving into our neighborhood for a week because I would be out of town on vacation in Disneyworld… so yeah… if you could just WAIT) – but the fact that we have kept in touch through so much life change makes our friendship one of my dearest relationships. In my mind, we will always be Taco Time eating, “Toxic” singing, Roxy wearing, steel drum playing, chicken dance enthusiasts who save foil wrappers / trash, get culinary with Ritz crackers, and paint matching picture frames so we can display countless pictures of us standing in from of In-N-Out, business park signs, and from last weekend – rain hiking. Can’t believe she’s a soon-to-be-teacher and I am living in NYC [when did we become semi-adults??] – but we will always be friends. Fact.

3. Seattle. The city alone makes me unbelievably happy and I was thrilled to be there… slash wholly depressed I don’t live there. Something about the combination of urban radness plus beautiful scenery and down-to-earth people makes it one of my favorite places in the world. I felt totally zen the entire weekend (as opposed to manic and stressed… my usual state of being) – and got to some serious thinking about life… more to come in that regard.

4. Nature. On Monday, we went hiking at Granite Falls and it was awesome. Even though it was pouring rain most of the time, I was perfectly content to be in the woods, breathing in clear air and among the #treesontrees. Central Park is great and all… but not the same as the great outdoors.

5. Salmon. Dealmaker.

6. Pinot Grigrio. Another chapter of “Angela Solomon – The Life,” written.

7. Sleep. The older I get, the more I appreciate a solid night’s sleep. Eight plus hours. Holla!

8. Glam. Who doesn’t love a morning of hair, make up and being a girl. Seriously – dark eyebrows and all, it’s the best.

9. Sculture parks. Seattle Art Museum opened the Olympic Sculpture Park and it was awesome to walk through. Not only did my tour guide (Stephanie) know an impressive amount of factoids about the art – but we even got to witness the bell ringing / father-son relationship sadness that made me wonder if EVERY fountain I walk by is actually a representation of family dynamics…. Mind = blown.

10. Break. A leave from work / life is always welcome and it was great to get out and be away from everything. This weekend was my unofficial start of the summer – woop! – and it was awesome. This will be a great few months…. can’t wait.

A to Z

May 21, 2012

In a silly attempt to summarize the last week or so… the highlights, alphabetically:

A – Abs class – and nearly died. 15 minutes of planking! No thanks…

B – Bronx, The – ventured up there to Yankee stadium. Super rad Sunday.

C – Cheers – it’s almost summer, peeps. Let the celebration begin.

D – Date night – had a really bad one… and a really good one :)

E – Edel-days – plenty of work in there….

F – Fat Cat – played chess and failed. Big time.

G – Graduation – sent the positive life vibes to one of my BFFs who happened to graduate Arch school. So proud.

H – High Line – walked it on the most glorious Sunday ever

I – Iced coffee – made my own homemade batch that lasted me all week and saved me $3.21 on the walk to work. So domestic…

J – Jean shorts – broke those suckers out. Summer in the city, anyone? This is my favorite time of the year.

K – Keane album – downloaded and played on repeat

L – Lord & Taylor – found the cutest dress for Caitlin’s wedding. On SUPER sale. Loves.

M – Museum of Natural History, The – went to a Friday night dance party in the museum and made too many “Night at the Museum” references.

N – Night run – my favorite part of the day.

O – Over it – over many a things… another day, another post

P – Porch drinking – does a better Saturday activity exist? I think not.

Q – Quality time – with some of my favorite people. Ever.

R – Rest – didn’t get enough of it.

S – Seattle – began the one week countdown until my trip. Holla!

T – Tan – hoped this sunburn would turn into a summer glow. Thinking not so much…

U – Umbrella – begrudgingly pulled it out on my walk to work in this torrential downpour. What happened to the sun?

V – Vote – began the process to start volunteering with the Obama campaign.

W – Wednesday Night Skate NYC – witnessed my first roller blading gang. It was amazing.

X – X-ray – the only thing that I can think of that starts with X.

Y – Yankees v. Reds. Our seats were baller and the game was super fun. Not shabby in the least.

Z – ZZZsss – remember when I said I was tired…?

New York We Make It Happen

May 5, 2012

To one of my all-time faves…

DC chillin’

April 27, 2012

A full work week later – yes.. we are already at the weekend – let me update you on my uh-mazing LAST weekend that was visiting Lindsay in her new, fabulous city, DC. That’s right world – my favorite Martin is now an East Coaster. And this girl is thrilled.

Last Friday, I took the Megabus down to our nation’s capital and maybe I am just getting used to bus rides, but it was a breeze. Four-ish hours? Nothing. (It was also a double decker bus. I felt like a Spice Girl on the Spice Bus.)

Upon arrival – it was an epic reunion of friendship (once we finally found each other. Transit stations can be tricky) and SO GOOD to see Linsday. Like – the best. So we grabbed drinks, split an app and pondered things like “why work is annoying” and “why friendship is the best.” 

Next morning? Boozy brunch, bedding / pillow/ apartment shopping, walking around the up and coming part of DC, visiting Lindsay’s rad office, strolling past the White House and basking in the beautiful DC day. The morning did NOT include Ben’s Chilli Bowl (we were just observers), stealing cars that have been left unattended, eating at the Thai-tanic or any of the baller metals. 

After a lazy afternoon of TV, naps, lounging on Lindsay’s rad balcony and Facebook Bingo – we went to dinner (after getting lost and then not lost) and luck would JUST be on our side, because the bar / restaurant / mostly bar we ended up at had a Dave Matthew’s Band cover band playing that night. S.C.O.R.E. So you can imagine the type of crowd that draws. And you can imagine the type of people we met. And the boys we both woo’d and un-woo’d. [One word: splits.] Many details left unsaid – but it was a fun night. Capped off by an awesome dance party back at Lindsay’s apartment. Like – EPIC dance party with the two of us. Fun times.

Sunday was rainy (according to Lindsay, DC was crying that I was leaving) but rain or shine – that didn’t stop us from Operation: Buy Shit for Lindsay & Patrick’s Apartment, so trips to Crate & Barrel and Target were in order. Needless to say – we totally found exactly what we needed, and the whole thing was a wonderful success.

Sigh – then comes the sadness and goodbyes and before I knew it, I was back on the bus to NYC – but more than anything (and this long post is definitely on the “more”) – I am so happy for Lindsay and excited for her new job, new apartment and new life in DC. And BONUS – I am but a bus ride away, so really… it’s like we are practically neighbors.


April 16, 2012


[Sometimes, life is just Ab Fab]

I was in CT last weekend for Easter, and next weekend I am heading to DC to visit LINDSAY – so I was more than happy to take it easy this weekend and relax in the form of friendship, MILES of walking, mini golf and mo’.

Friday was a random reunion of old friends from IU who I haven’t seen in A WHILE. But it was nice to get together, grab dinner & drinks, and catch up with folks from what seems like five (maybe six) lifetimes ago. It was also fun to hear about where other people have ended up; who still talks to whom; reminisce about some of the questionable (read: fun) stuff we used to do; and realize how much changes in the matter of 2-3 years. 

Saturday, I woke up and caught up on my new favorite Bravo show – Million Dollar Listing New York. It is so beyond entertaining, and a must-watch. I schlepped to the gym, and then hung around Starbucks and read the newspaper. It was such a pretty day, so I met up with Ben and we walked to the High Line and then down Hudson River Park to this rad mini golf place in TriBeCa. After I let him win, we headed back to his apartment and he made dinner. (Ben combines unrelated dishes to make delicious / random dinners – so we had pesto brussel sprouts, teriyaki chicken stir fry and Mexican beer. Yup. Zero sense.)

 Sunday – I sleeeept in and headed to 71 Irving, got a coffee and bagel and read my newspaper. Typical. From there – I went on a long walk up to 92nd St and back again, going in and out of shops, galleries, a museum, and another coffee shop, making a stopovers in parks along the way to read my book. (Currently reading Just Kids by Patti Smith. Will inspire your inner bohemian.) It was 75 and perfect out – and an aimless day with nothing to do but to read, listen to music and call friends / family is the ULTIMATE in nothingness. (One day, I will completely miss the fact that weekends are mine and mine alone. Other than going to the grocery store or doing a bit of work – there is nothing else I have to do…. Gotta admit – doesn’t suck.)


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